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This episode contains descriptions of alleged sexual assault.

It’s been more than five years since the #MeToo movement, driven by reporting at publications like The New York Times, toppled powerful and abusive men. Behind that essential journalism were sources, many anonymous, who took enormous risks to expose harassment and sexual violence.

Today, Rachel Abrams, a producer and reporter at The Times, speaks to Ali Diercks, a lawyer who provided crucial information for a major #MeToo story. Ms. Diercks has waived her anonymity to discuss the costs of her coming forward and what she thinks about her decision years later.

Rachel Abrams, a senior producer and reporter for “The New York Times Presents” documentary series.

A woman stands on a forest path wearing a dark top and jeans, looking at the camera.
Ali Diercks is sharing her story publicly for the first time. “I am terrified” about repercussions, she said.Lexey Swall for The New York Times
  • Ms. Diercks provided anonymous information to The Times about the misconduct of Mr. Moonves, former chairman and chief executive of CBS. Read the reporting from 2018 here.

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