Internet InfoMedia at least 9 die as fire engulfs high rise complex in spain
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The blaze spread quickly in a pair of buildings in Valencia, Spain’s third largest city.

A day after a fire roared through a high-rise apartment complex in the Spanish city of Valencia, killing at least nine people, police investigators were trying to determine why the flames had engulfed the two buildings in less than an hour.

Early suspicion fell on construction materials, but it was hard to tell, since the two structures remained so hot that firefighters could not even enter the buildings until around noon on Friday — hours after rushing to the scene the previous evening.

Luis Sendra, the dean of the Official College of Architects of the Community of Valencia, said that investigators would have to wait until the structures cooled down to be able to determine whether exterior cladding might have helped fuel the fire. He said that gaps between the insulation and the cladding could have facilitated the spread of flames.

“It’s too early to know the exact cause,” Mr. Sendra said. “But the speed with which it spread would indicate similarities with Grenfell Tower in London.”

Seventy-two people were killed in the Grenfell blaze, which consumed a high-rise apartment building in western London in 2017. Flammable materials had been used in the cladding of that building, which accelerated the spread of the fire.

Speaking at a news conference on Friday morning, Carlos Mazón, the president of the regional government, announced a three-day period of mourning and said that seven firefighters had been injured in the blaze.

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