cameron meets zelensky on his first visit to ukraine as u k secretary
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With much global attention turned to the war in Gaza, President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned that his country cannot afford a “frozen conflict” with Russia.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain, in his new role as foreign secretary, has vowed in a surprise visit to Ukraine, announced on Thursday, that his country will maintain military support for Kyiv “however long it takes,” an effort to offer reassurance amid fears that Ukraine is being forgotten as much of the world’s attention focuses on the war in Gaza.

The visit took place shortly after President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine warned that his country could not afford a “frozen conflict” with Russia. It is Mr. Cameron’s first working trip abroad since being appointed foreign minister on Monday.

Mr. Zelensky expressed gratitude for the gesture.

“The world is not focused on the situation on our battlefield in Ukraine, and this dividing focus really doesn’t help,” he said during a meeting with Mr. Cameron, according to a video released by the Ukrainian leader on social media. The British foreign minister responded that his country would work with its allies “to make sure the attention is here in Ukraine.”

There is growing concern in Ukraine that the inability of its summer counteroffensive to recapture substantial ground from entrenched Russian forces could discourage some allies from continuing their military aid, leaving Kyiv with a drawn-out conflict in which Moscow has the advantage.

“We cannot afford any stalemate,” Mr. Zelensky told journalists from African news outlets on Wednesday. “If this is a stalemate and a frozen conflict, then we must honestly say that our children will fight, or our grandchildren will fight.”

“Do we want to live like this, knowing that we will continue to raise children who will definitely fight later?” he added. “Because Russia will come again if it is not stopped.”

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