clay travis roasts biden admins incompetence a competition to see who can screw up the most

OutKick founder Clay Travis slammed President Biden for his cabinet’s “incompetence,” arguing it is a “competition” to see “who can screw up the most” amid a series of blunders. On Wednesday, Travis joined “Fox & Friends” to discuss a new Politico piece suggesting Vice President Harris is ready to be treated like a “normal” VP as she faces scrutiny over a range of issues. 


CLAY TRAVIS: This is where we are in Joe Biden in his administration. Remember, Doris Kearns Goodwin wrote a great book called “Team of Rivals,” as you well know, as a history guy, where Abraham Lincoln put together the biggest and best cabinet that maybe… ever existed at that point in time in the United States history. Joe Biden put together a team of incompetence and really, it’s just a constant competition to see who can screw up the most and take the attention off of Joe Biden for being the worst president in any of our modern era. And the reality is, like I said, Mayor Pete and Joe Biden have been taking all of the plaudits for their incompetence and hiding away Kamala Harris in the meantime. 

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