eric trumps tinfoil hat wearing claim gets the treatment on twitter scaled

Eric Trump was widely mocked on Twitter after he accused Democrats of trying to destroy Christianity, families and children before claiming: “I’m not like a tinfoil hat-wearing guy.”

“It’s unthinkable, it’s unthinkable what these people are doing to this nation,” former President Donald Trump’s son bombastically declared at a right-wing, pro-Trump “ReAwaken America” event in Branson, Missouri, on Friday.

“The way they want to destroy Christianity, the way they want to destroy our families, the way they’re destroying our children, the way they’re destroying our history, the way they’re rewriting our textbooks,” he continued. “Guys, this is a cognizant war in this country.”

Trump wasn’t making the comments “lightly,” he said.

“I’m not like a tinfoil hat-wearing guy,” he added. “But if anybody thinks that they’re not weaponizing every single one of these systems… there’s only one party that’s weaponizing the system.”

Watch the clip here:

Footage of Trump’s comments went viral on Twitter, where it drew scorn and ridicule in equal measure:

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