ex labor secretary predicts exactly how and why biden will defeat trump


Robert Reich made a bold prediction in his latest newsletter: “Biden will win in 2024.”

The Bill Clinton-era labor secretary acknowledged recent polling showing President Joe Biden trailing in swing states to his predecessor and possible 2024 rival Donald Trump was “disturbing” but said most voters “are not paying attention” so far ahead of an election.

Reich contrasted Biden’s “calm determination” and “straightforward” communications of his achievements with Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric that is “intended to elicit immediate, passionate responses.”

Biden may not be cutting through to the public like Trump does right now “but elections have a way of concentrating the public’s mind,” said Reich. “As the 2024 contest draws closer, more Americans will decide they prefer competence to chaos.”

Reich envisioned “more panic among Democrats” and suggestions of replacing Biden on the ticket to take on likely candidate Trump, who despite his myriad legal woes remains the Republican front-runner.

But if Biden “simply continues to be the adult in the room — governing maturely and responsibly — more of the American public will eventually come around to him, including in the swing states,” said the former cabinet member.

“Biden will need to work hard for it, and the rest of us will have to work very hard in support of him, but Biden will win in 2024,” Reich concluded.

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