fox news co host shreds jesse watters biden claim with 1 stinging remark


Fox NewsJessica Tarlov socked her co-host Jesse Watters with a witty response after he made a massive claim about President Joe Biden’s supporters on Thursday.

Watters – in a discussion with “The Five” panel – cited Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as he chimed in on Biden referring to Chinese leader Xi Jinping as a “dictator,” a description that has been criticized by Chinese officials this week.

“What The Rock said is interesting because there is no Biden voter,” claimed Watters despite the president receiving the most votes ever cast for a candidate in a presidential election.

“I’ve never seen a Biden bumper sticker. I’ve never seen a Biden t-shirt, a Biden hat –.”

Tarlov then cut Watters off to mock him over his not-entirely conservative family tree.

“Have you spoken to your mother?” she replied in a nod to Anne Watters, who is a Democrat.

Watters’ mother previously called into her son’s show over the summer, saying that there had been enough “bashing” of Biden from him.

The host has previously aired texts from his mother on the network where she advised him to not “become a talking head that is predictable” in 2017.

Watters told Tarlov that his mother isn’t a Biden voter but rather an “anti-Trump voter.”

“And that’s what all the Democrats were last time. And now everybody wants him to leave because he was supposed to get elected and then pass the torch,” he added.

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