friday briefing the e u s ukraine aid deal

Also, U.S. sanctions on Israeli settlers and battles over bullfighting.

Ukraine is facing one of its most difficult moments since Russia’s invasion.Tyler Hicks/The New York Times

The E.U. reached a multiyear funding deal for Ukraine worth about $54 billion yesterday, providing a critical lifeline for the country. President Volodymyr Zelensky thanked his neighbors and quickly nodded to a $60 billion aid package languishing in the U.S. Congress.

Europe’s commitment, Zelensky said, would “send a signal across the Atlantic.”

With U.S. funding for Ukraine held up in Congress, the breakthrough deal is especially significant. For Ukraine, it means stability and assurance as it continues to fight a grinding war. And for the E.U., it demonstrated leaders’ resolve to stand united against Russia.

Details: The E.U.’s breakthrough came after Viktor Orban, Hungary’s prime minister and a close ally of Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, dropped his opposition. Orban has long made himself an antagonist of the E.U.

What’s next: The European Parliament plans to vote on the fund, possibly this month. Ukraine urgently needs the money, which is set to last through 2027, to keep basic services running.

Related: Russia plans to seize the property of antiwar citizens who live abroad. It is urging other countries to crack down on them as well.

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