grateful for e u aid ukraine now waits for the united states

The E.U. package of about $54 billion will be spent on nonmilitary expenses, like pensions, payments to displaced people and paying teachers and doctors.

Ukrainian officials were quick to thank the European Union Thursday for approving an assistance package of about $54 billion, funds that will help alleviate a potentially severe financial crisis.

The money will cover pensions, payments to people displaced by war and routine outlays such as salaries for teachers and doctors.

But in thanking his European neighbors, Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, also alluded to uncertainty over future American support, which Ukraine also needs. A $60 billion aid package for Ukraine is currently languishing in the United States Congress.

Europe’s commitment, Mr. Zelensky said, would “send a signal across the Atlantic.”

“Europe sets the tone for global affairs,” he told the E.U. leaders in a video address. “The E.U. has proven that its word matters.”

Ukraine relies on foreign financial aid for about half of its national budget and on foreign military assistance for a majority of the ammunition and weaponry for its full-scale war against Russia, now approaching the end of its second year.

The European assistance, which will be spread out over four years as grants and loans, will prop up the nonmilitary portion of Ukraine’s budget. The E.U. funds cannot be allocated for weaponry or soldiers’ salaries. Ukraine relied on its own tax revenues to fund military salaries and some purchases of weapons and ammunition.

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