greg gutfeld why does no one want to talk about the war in ukraine

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So let’s talk about war. Well, would you rather we do trans? All right, because that’s later in the show. War is a great topic. It’s so great, in fact, that no one wants to talk about it. It’s like bringing up 9/11 at a baby shower. Yeah, that landed – That’s proof. So we’re sending billions of dollars of weapons to Ukraine but you wouldn’t know it judging by the press. Because when we spend blood and treasure, someone winds up with that treasure. What if Russia bombs a shipment? I guess we can debate that after World War III. Instead, all we get from the press are competing stories about who’s winning or losing and none of it makes sense. And do we care? We love to talk about war in this country. When it’s the war on drugs, the war on poverty and so on, but not real war. It’s a half a world away. Both sides talk funny. And those slobs on “The View” never talk about it. So I don’t get to make fat jokes.

But why is that? Well, war is like a 401K – don’t check on it until you cash out. Maybe people will care when our army doesn’t have any bullets left. But it’s worth pointing out that amidst this silence, there are two men on opposite sides of politics who are actually speaking up, saying that the war’s got to end. The moment you say that, of course, though, somebody is going to call you a Putin puppet. To which you should respond, well, you’re a puppet of a puppet, and you both have your hands up each other’s asses. A year ago, I said that unless you mitigate the war at the start, it becomes background noise like CNN while you’re waiting at gate C7. Someone gets it. Here’s RFK Jr.


VIDEO OF ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR: My own son Connor joined the Foreign Legion and fought in the Ukraine. And during the Kharkiv offensive, we were told initially that the objective was humanitarian. In recent times, President Biden said that one of our objectives, at least, is regime change of Vladimir Putin. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin validated President Biden’s statement by saying that our objective in the Ukraine is to exhaust and degrade the Russian army. That is completely antithetical to a humanitarian mission. 


So first, I had no idea that his kid went to fight as part of the Foreign Legion. I thought the Legion only existed in Cary Grant movies. Also, a Kennedy fighting somewhere else other than in a bar just doesn’t sound right. But that’s pretty damn brave fighting in Ukraine, considering you might run into Randi Weingarten. She is there. 

a photo of Randi Weingarten in Ukraine



VIVEK RAMASWAMY: Which Ukraine wouldn’t want to do, and also a permanent commitment not to allow Ukraine to enter NATO. But in return, Russia has to leave its treaty and its joint military agreement with China. That better advances American interests and actually further deters China from going after Taiwan, which I think is a much higher priority for the U.S. 

So he wouldn’t spend another dime on this war because all it does is push Russia to China. Maybe he’s right. All Paul, George and Ringo did, attacking John was push him to Yoko. So what’s this mean when two oppositional candidates happen to agree? Well, maybe it’s time for the rest of us to listen to this guy. 

FORMER PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: If I’m president, I will have that war settled in one day, 24 hours because I’ll meet with Putin, I’ll meet with Zelenskyy. I want Europe to put up more money. We’re spending $170 billion for far away land and they’re right next door to that land. Right now, we want to get that more settled. And I’m not talking about the money either. I’m talking about all the lives that are being… the number of people being killed in that war is far greater than you hear. 

Exactly. But that’s nothing new. Trump hates war for reasons all of us do. It’s a waste of young life. And he thinks America should keep its F-16s, which is really crazy am I right? Yet CNN claims that Trump is politicizing the war. Well, duh you **** morons he’s running for president. It is politics. 

a photo of Trump and the CNN logo


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