greg gutfled the nuts are being seen for what they truly are

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Greg Gutfled explains how things “went too far” in the past year and how 2023 has the opportunity to be a year to right the wrongs in the country on “Gutfeld!


GREG GUTFELD: Hope you had a great New Year’s Eve. I don’t know if I did. Which means I did. Yes. Now, I’m not an optimist or a pessimist or even a gynecologist, despite what it says on my business cards. But I always see my glass half full, especially while I’m waiting for the pill to dissolve in my drink. Because that’s what America is. And I believe we have a lot of room for optimism because like a pervert with an iPhone at the bottom of an escalator, things can only look up because after all, right now, everything is down in the dumps. We’re talking lower than Don Lemon’s ratings or Nancy Pelosi’s neckline. And I know the economy, crime. How can this stuff get any worse? 

Oh, yeah Kilmeade’s today. Talk about getting off on a good foot, huh? But we do have reason to think positively for a whole bunch of things. You’ve heard of the slippery slope, and I don’t mean the ramp that slides UPS deliverymen into my basement. Slippery slope is when stuff keeps getting worse by virtue of it already being bad. Well, I believe 2023 is the year when the slope hits the wall, and that’s because stuff just went too far. We let the nuts take the driver’s seat and it’s time for the pendulum to swing back to some form of normalcy. The adults need to take charge and not ones in diapers

Here are my predictions, which are basically hopes. First, we’ll start treating crime like crime again. For so long, we let far-left radicals define crime as a response to injustice, like the unfairness of having to pay for deodorant instead of stealing it from CVS, or the inequity of some people not wanting to be stabbed. How dare they? Yet over time, social injustice and poverty decrease, but crime still doesn’t. Like Kilmeade’s next book, it only gets worse. 

Fact is, their radical theories were as corrupt as their radical solutions. But now it has to get better because it can’t get any worse. And what about biology? Once again, we’ve let the slippery slope turn into a 90 degree cliff where genital’s reality is so bent you think it has Peyronie’s disease. 

With men happily calling themselves women and other men who used to be women claiming to give birth while other women claimed to have penises and not the ones belonging to their husbands that they keep in their purses. For a while there we sat back and we were really polite, figuring we didn’t want to hurt the feelings of crazy people in public. But now that the insane has taken over not just the asylums, but school boards and hospitals and pediatric associations, I think parents have had enough and they’re speaking up and speaking out. And the nuts who identify as something else are being seen for what they truly are. Nuts. It’s not about drag queen story hour. 

It’s about genital mutilation, redefined as gender affirmation. Hopefully, parents in general will start taking their kid’s education more seriously, seriously enough to beat the left wing unions into retreat and send the green haired teachers babbling on TikTok back to where they belong. A therapist office. Other non-science seems to be hitting a wall, too. COVID hysteria is being driven out by good, old-fashioned American attitude. We canceled our lives, closed our businesses, and hunkered down at our homes while the big shots went on vacation or ate maskless in fancy restaurants. But we’re done here and it’s time to move on. It’s time to get masks out of schools and send them back to where they belong. At orgies for rich people. 


Finally, it seems that cancel culture is on the ropes and it’s this show and it’s this audience that made that happen. Sure, the weasels will still come after us, howling from their social media perches desperately trying to reinvigorate the mob, all the while paying Elon eight bucks a month. But we got them where we want them. Now’s the time to send them grabbing their bags like they’re Sam Brinton at the Southwest carousel. I’m not going to lie. I miss him and his shiny head. This is the year to do it. So either you’re with me or against me. And frankly, I don’t know which one I’d like more. 

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