Internet InfoMedia in rafah we saw destruction and the limits of israels gaza strategy

Months after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that “victory is within reach,” the Israeli military escorted journalists into parts of a devastated Gazan city.

The armed convoy of jeeps filled with reporters rumbled into a dusty Rafah, passing flattened houses and battered apartment buildings.

As we dismounted our Humvees, a stillness gripped this swath of southern Gaza, near the border with Egypt. Slabs of concrete and twisted rebar dotted the scarred landscape. Kittens darted through the wreckage.

Streets once bustling with life were now a maze of rubble. Everyone was gone.

More than a million people have fled to avoid an Israeli onslaught that began two months ago. Many have been displaced repeatedly and now live in tent cities that stretch for miles, where they face an uncertain future as they mourn the loss of loved ones.

As Israel says it is winding down its operation against Hamas in Rafah, the Israeli military invited foreign journalists into the city on a supervised visit. The military says that it has fought with precision and restraint against Hamas fighters embedded in civilian areas.

But the death, destruction and mass displacement of civilians have left Israel increasingly isolated diplomatically.

About two dozen people, including children, crowd onto the back of a truck on a dusty street.
Palestinians fleeing Rafah in late May.Abdel Kareem Hana/Associated Press

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