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Leo Varadkar, the prime minister of the Republic of Ireland, resigned unexpectedly on Wednesday, prompting a political scramble in the government. Here’s what to know about what happens next.

The leader of the Republic of Ireland, Leo Varadkar, resigned on Wednesday, prompting a political scramble in the government after his announcement in front of the parliament building in Dublin.

Mr. Varadkar’s decision, which he attributed to both “personal and political” reasons, was unexpected, with some members of his government given only a few hours’ notice of his plans.

A medical doctor and former health minister, Mr. Varadkar first became taoiseach, or prime minister, in 2017, at a time when his Fine Gael party was still one of the country’s two dominant parties, a position it had enjoyed nearly uninterrupted since the founding of the Irish state.

During his years in office, though, public opinion has shifted, and as Fine Gael’s popularity dipped, his departure seemed inevitable, experts said. Now, as Ireland grapples with what comes next for its government, here’s what to know.

Despite calls from the opposition for a general election, Mr. Varadkar’s resignation does not mean an end to the current government.

Fine Gael, a center-right party, currently governs in coalition with two other parties, Fianna Fáil, its longtime rival, and the Green Party. Under the terms of their power-sharing arrangement, it is up to Fine Gael to appoint a new leader, who will then become the prime minister.

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