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Aidos Sadykov, an opposition activist whose YouTube channel often criticizes Kazakhstan’s government, was shot in Ukraine, where he was living in exile.

A small crowd of mourners gathered on Friday for the funeral of the Kazakh opposition activist and YouTuber Aidos Sadykov, who was assassinated in Kyiv, Ukraine — a killing that colleagues said had cast a chill over journalists and exiles in Ukraine and the wider region.

A former opposition politician and trade unionist, Mr. Sadykov, 55, lived in Ukraine after fleeing Kazakhstan, his homeland, with his family 10 years ago. He was granted political asylum in Ukraine and, with his wife, ran a widely followed YouTube Channel covering events in Kazakhstan.

He was shot last month outside their home, and died of his injuries earlier this week. Natalia Sadykova, his widow and a journalist, has laid the blame for her husband’s death on President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev of Kazakhstan.

“Aidos gave his life for Kazakhstan. He died a martyr’s death at the hands of killers,” she wrote on her Facebook page, announcing his death. “For 13 days, Aidos fought for his life in the I.C.U., but there was no miracle. His death is on Tokayev’s conscience.”

Natalia Sadykova, right, hugging Mustafa Dzhemilev, a Ukrainian lawmaker and former longtime leader of Crimean Tatars, at the funeral of Mr. Sadykov, her husband.Brendan Hoffman for The New York Times

The president of Kazakhstan has not addressed Ms. Sadykova’s accusations directly. He announced soon after the shooting that he had ordered his officials to learn details of the incident and if necessary would offered Ukraine assistance in its investigation.

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