laura ingraham we shouldnt be allowing even one migrant into the country

Fox News host Laura Ingraham breaks down key parts of the Senate’s bipartisan border bill on “The Ingraham Angle.”

LAURA INGRAHAM: No. No. Hell, no. That’s the focus of tonight’s “Angle.” We knew that it was finally released after being kept hidden from the public for months, that the Schumer-McConnell border insecurity bill would be bad. But even we didn’t realize how bad. Now, just last week, he was assuring critics, including the “Angle” that what was leaked out about the bill were just internet rumors, including that the bill would permit up to 5,000 migrants per day into the country.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. I thought that the 5,000 migrants can come in. Welcome. That that trigger was just an internet rumor. I mean, how long ago did we do that on the “Angle?” Two weeks ago? Three weeks ago? Well, in the first place, given the damage and strain Biden has already inflicted on all of you in America, with the millions of migrants that have been allowed in, we shouldn’t be allowing even one migrant into the country, let alone 5,000 encounters a day. It’s a joke. Second, just so everyone understands this, under the supposedly tough-as-nails legislation, the border is never closed. Even if you do think Mayorkas could ever be trusted to oversee things and track the numbers.


Now, you don’t need to take my word for it, because that’s exactly what one of the architects of the bill, Senator Chris Murphy, said. The president and the Border Patrol still retain broad discretionary powers to weigh people in, including thousands at a time. And unaccompanied minors don’t even count toward that 5,000 threshold number. So the entire bill is a travesty. 

And if Lankford hadn’t just been re-elected in 2022, he never would be championing it, I promise you that. Here are some of the key reasons to hate the bill. From Red State and lawyers at America First legal. First, all migrant families must be released from custody. Second, only single individuals can be deported. Third, emergency powers don’t affect ports of entry that still, get this, must allow a minimum, a minimum, of 1400 migrants a day. 

Now there are 30 ports of entry in the United States that equals 42,000 migrants a month. Or wait for it, 504,000 migrants a year. Now the emergency can be ignored if the president decides it’s not in our national interest. The Biden team retains power to opt out of all limits on migrant numbers because there are broad humanitarian exceptions. Mayorkas has unilateral authority to grant final asylum for individuals, which equals a rapid path to citizenship. A lot of Americans don’t understand that. But when you get asylum, that’s a path to citizenship. And there’s a broad exception to emergency provisions, again, that everyone’s touting today based on the “totality of circumstances test”– that’s broad enough to drive a truck through. 


And anyone who claims that “fear of persecution or torture,” and they’re just reading it from a laminated card when they cross the border, is not deported. But again, instead they go through an arduous administrative process, OK? So they’ll be tied up in that for a while. And this also codifies the controversial Biden rule that allows these far-left asylum officers, not immigration judges, to rule on individual asylum claims. Oh, just for good measure, it gives them a 15% raise as well. It also includes $1.4 billion directed to providing shelters and immigration services–36 million to hire lawyers for some illegals. Finally, there’s the automatic conditional permanent resident status for migrants who entered after July 2021. In other words, this is a grab bag of goodies for the Open Borders Caucus. 

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