sean hannity house gop is the last line of defense against the most radical agenda in our countrys history

FOX News host Sean Hannity delivers his opening monologue from Capitol Hill on “Hannity.”

SEAN HANNITY: Make no mistake, with just 369 days until the 2024 election, House Republicans and I’m saying it to all of you in this room and all of you that are watching at home – you will succeed together or you will fail together. There won’t be some winners and some losers. The only people that will really lose if you lose are the American people. There’s too slim a majority for divisive infighting. So my message tonight to lawmakers, and we’ll discuss this throughout the hour, is please put aside personal grudges, individual agendas. It is time. The American people need leadership. These are consequential times and they need all of you in this room with me tonight to deliver big on issues that will improve this country and increase our border security, increase our energy independence. 


We’ve got to bring fiscal sanity to this city. We need law and order and safety and security for every American in every town and every city. We need to uphold the rule of law. We need moral clarity in this time of terrorism. House Republicans, they can’t control what happens in the US Senate, and they certainly can’t force Joe Biden to sign any bill into law. But this is what they can do. They can stop Joe Biden’s radical agenda if they remain united. They can investigate his corruption and they can shine a bright light on the federal government’s gross abuse of power. Again, if they stay united, they can also force Democrats to show their true colors and a series of very important votes. Put them on the record. They can get appropriations done in a timely manner that are also beneficial to the American people. 

We’ve got to stop robbing from future generations. Keep it simple. If House Republicans get lost in the weeds, if they get bogged down with petty disagreements, if their egos get in the way, voters, I predict, will punish them, all of you in this room in November of 2024. Again, they will succeed or they will fail together. And by the way, the stakes are very high for every single American and, frankly, for the world at this time. Unfortunately, we don’t know how bad things can get under Biden and one-party Democratic rule is pretty bad now. Record-breaking inflation, record-high debt, record-high gas prices, record-breaking illegal immigration, including record numbers of special interest aliens. Oh, let’s see from countries like Iran, Syria, other countries in the Middle East, of course, China, Russia, America’s enemies around the world. They are emboldened and much of what the world is now, you know, looking like it’s headed towards war. 


There is a better way forward. And the House has a very critical role to play. And they are the last line of defense against the most radical agenda in the history of our country. And they are a powerful check on the weaponization of our government. 

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