the run up the stacey abrams playbook

When Georgia flipped blue in the 2020 election, it gave Democrats new hope for the future. Credit for that success goes to Stacey Abrams and the playbook she developed for the state. It cemented her role as a national celebrity, in politics and pop culture. But, unsurprisingly, that celebrity has also made her a target of Republicans, who say she’s a losing candidate. On today’s episode: the Stacey Abrams playbook, and why the Georgia governor’s race means more to Democrats than a single elected office.

Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images
  • Stacey Abrams, the Democratic nominee for governor of Georgia.

  • Maya King, a politics reporter at The New York Times covering the South.

First launched in August 2016, three months before the election of Donald Trump, “The Run-Up” is back. The host, Astead Herndon, will grapple with the big ideas animating the 2022 midterm election cycle — and explore how we got to this fraught moment in American politics.

Elections are about more than who wins and who loses. New episodes on Thursdays.

“The Run-Up” is hosted by Astead W. Herndon and produced by Elisa Gutierrez and Caitlin O’Keefe. The show is edited by Frannie Carr Toth, Larissa Anderson and Lisa Tobin. Engineering by Brad Fisher and original music by Dan Powell, Marion Lozano and Elisheba Ittoop. Fact-checking by Caitlin Love.

Special thanks to Paula Szuchman, Sam Dolnick, David Halbfinger, Julia Simon, Mahima Chablani, Shannon Busta, Nell Gallogly, Jeffrey Miranda and Maddy Masiello.

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