tuesday briefing

Skirmishes between Israel and Hezbollah.

Smoke rising above the outskirts of Yaroun, a Lebanese village near the border with Israel, on Sunday.Hassan Ammar/Associated Press

Israel warned that attacks by the Hezbollah militia along the border with Lebanon could not continue and would require a response. In a show of solidarity with Hamas, Hezbollah has launched repeated missile and drone attacks on army bases and other targets inside Israel, forcing the evacuation of civilians and prompting cross-border strikes.

The Israeli military has sought to focus on its goals in Gaza — freeing hostages and destroying Hamas — but there are fears that the conflict could draw in neighboring countries, with the fighting now in its third month and Iran-backed militias across the region increasing hostilities.

The Houthis in Yemen, for example, threatened over the weekend to step up attacks on ships in the Red Sea bound for Israel unless Gaza receives badly needed food and medicine. The French Navy said one of its frigates in the sea had shot down two drones fired from Yemen.

In other news from the war:

  • In Gaza, a lack of clean water, toilets and food has fueled a spike in illnesses, and increasingly dire conditions are making it hard for the sick to recover.

  • The Biden administration said it was looking into reports that Israel used white phosphorus supplied by the U.S., in violation of international law.

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