universal orlando releases details about the epic universe the park opening its doors next year

A new theme park is coming to Universal Orlando, and it appears certain to be epic. 

Epic Universe is slated for a 2025 opening and features five immersive worlds for guests to explore. 

The newest batch of information released about the park primarily revealed details about Celestial Park. 


This park has its own attractions, shopping and dining experiences, while simultaneously serving as a gateway to the other four worlds of Epic Universe: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter-Ministry of Magic, Super Nintendo World, How to Train Your Dragon-Isle of Beck and Dark Universe. 

“Never before have guests been able to immerse themselves in these stories as deeply as they do when crossing the thresholds of the four portals,” Steve Tatham, the executive creative director for Universal Epic Universe, said on Universal’s website. 

Epic Universe is scheduled to open in 2025.  (Universal Orlando Resort )

“They’ll come face-to-face with scary monsters, they’ll tame dragons and encounter new magical eras.”

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter-Ministry of Magic will blend the 1920s wizarding world explored in the “Fantastic Beasts” franchise with the British Ministry of Magic from the “Harry Potter” series. 

Both Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios have sections dedicated to the “Harry Potter” franchise, so it comes as no surprise that the new theme park will expand on this universe. 


Super Nintendo World is a highly anticipated sector of the new park. Guests will enter through green tubes, just like in the games, and will be fully immersed in the world of beloved characters like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and Donkey Kong. 

How to Train Your Dragon-Isle of Beck will be based on the popular animated films, while Dark Universe will highlight the monsters of Universal. 

Portal to Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World is one place that guests can explore when visiting Epic Universe.  (Universal Orlando Resort )

A video was released on Universal Orlando Resort’s social media pages that gave an animated look at the layout of Celestial Park. This video provides a clear picture of what guests can expect from Universal in 2025. 

Another clip on social media highlighted the history of Universal and the creation of this new park. The clip features Mark Woodbury, chairman & CEO of Universal Destinations & Experiences.

“Over my 35 years, I’ve often been asked what my favorite ride is. My standard answer is the next one. We live by the ethos that the next thing we do is going to be better than the last thing we did. So, even though we’ve created some really incredible experiences, we’re always looking to how do we make the next one even better?,” Woodbury said at the start the video. 


“Epic is the future meeting the present,” Gabriela Lander, director of facility design for Universal Creative said on Universal’s website. 

“We’ll have a park where we’ll be able to walk through nature and be guided by the stars, surrounded by iconic elements that materialize dreams into immersive worlds of epic stories, and with a level of technology that will take the experience to a new level.” 

Map of Epic Universe

Epic Universe will feature immersive worlds: Celestial Park, How to Train Your Dragon-Isle of Berk, Super Nintendo World and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter-Ministry of Magic.  (Universal Orlando Resort )

Newly released details gave excited fans a look into what to expect from Epic Universe. 

“We’re telling stories that resonate with our guests, immersing them right from the front gate,” Tatham said on Universal’s website. “Universal redefined theme park entertainment forever. We’re setting a new standard, and that’s what it means to be a modern theme park,” he added. 

The most thrilling ride in Celestial Park is Starfall Racers. On this ride, the dual vehicles will race through 6,500 feet of track, hitting speeds of 62 mph. 


On this attraction, riders will experience a thrilling “Celestial spin,” where the two vehicles will perform an inverted crisscross while in the air. 

In the center of Celestial Park is the Constellation Carousel. This ride puts a twist on the classic attraction, with forward, backward and 360-degree rotations. 

Helios Grand Hotel

A 500-room hotel will be located on the grounds of Epic Universe.  (Universal Studios Resort )

To cool down from a long day in the hot Florida sun, there’s the Astronomica wet-play area. 

Additionally, there will be several places to grab a bite and enjoy souvenir shopping in Celestial Park. The Blue Dragon Pan-Asian Restaurant, Atlantic, The Oak & Star Tavern and Pizza Moon will all be housed in the park. 

Guests can also satisfy their sweet tooth at Moonship Chocolates & Celestial Sweets and gear up in Mario attire at the Nintendo SuperStar Store before entering the portal to the park. 

For even more entertainment in Celestial Park, there will be fountain shows with music and interactive lighting throughout the day. 

Epic Universe will feature the Universal Helios Grand Hotel. This 500-room hotel offers its own entrance into the theme park for guests and will provide breathtaking views. 

Construction for Epic Universe is ongoing, with more details to be released as the 2025 opening edges closer. 

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