your home will look straight out of a magazine after snagging these 51 fall prime day deals

We waded through the mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category.

FYI — deals move quickly on Prime Day. We’ll do our best to keep this post and imagery as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Prime Day to see our latest updates as the deals change!

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20% off a high pressure rainfall shower head
This has a stainless steel finish that’s sleek and a rain water feature that’s ooh-so soothing.

Promising review:
“Incredible product!!! Buy it! This gives me the best showers of my life.” —Rivka Polanksy

Price:$26.39+ (originally $32.99+; available in three sizes and colors)
Up to 26% off an iridescent table, a true unicorn of furniture
Promising review: “This is such a beautiful table. I’m obsessed.” —Maloy D.

$103.20+ (originally $139; available in two sizes)
33% off a retro toaster so dang darling you just might wanna decorate your entire kitchen around it
Promising review: “I never could get my old toaster clean, and it was getting sad. I do not like sad toast. This charmer is lovely to look at, and does a great job making toast that is just the right shade of lovely brown. A chart comes with the toaster. I find I needed to set it a little higher to get the toasty goodness I desired. Goes beautifully with my vintage glass dishes. I feel so retro I may need to invest in a frilly apron.” —Margaret C.

Price:$39+ (originally $59.99+; available in nine colors)
53% off an 8-foot by 10-foot area rug that’s super versatile
Promising review: “I am absolutely in love with this rug. Seriously. If I could marry a rug, it would be this one. I was, logically, nervous about having a light colored rug (or a light colored anything) as I have three messy, sticky, wild hellion — I mean lovely — children, and a four-legged indoor/outdoor vacuum, which is to say, a large-into-everything dog. Oh and a husband who’s biggest fetish seems to be wearing his damn shoes in the house. So, indeed, I was very skeptical as to whether this beautiful rug would survive a single day in my house. Well, I’m here to tell you that this rug is indeed magic. All of these reviews about how unbelievable this rug is, are spot on!! It’s amazing! It’s soft, plush, and comfy to sit or lay on, the edges and corners lay flat, its pattern and size are true and the color matches the ad photos wonderfully. The best part about this rug, though, is that it has yet to acquire a single stain!!! By comparison, my couch is only four days older than the rug and we have had to clean it twice already. Somehow, this magical roll of incredible woven polyester has been crafted in such a way that all stains are cast off into the abyss, never to be seen or heard from again, much like left socks and bobby pins. Bottom line: YOU WILL LOVE THIS RUG!!!” —Amber McCormickPrice:$154.67 (originally $332; available in 12 designs)
56% off a leather accent chair for turning an awkward, empty corner of your home into a reading nook
Speaking of those classics, go ahead and throw this gorgeous copy of My Cousin Rachel onto your side table and add to your well-read aesthetic.

Promising review: “These are awesome chairs! They are very modern and stylish, but also have some cushion to them so they’re comfortable for an accent chair. This is an incredibly great price for what these types of chairs cost elsewhere!” —A

$142 (originally $320)

Up to 52% off a muslin blanket that’ll be the best movie companion this season
Make sure you clip the coupon to receive an additional 10% off!Promising review: “This is the perfect throw for summer nights as it is lightweight. Yet since it is muslin it will adjust to the climate so I’m sure it will be so cozy during the winter time. It’s beautiful and so soft and now I don’t have to steal my son’s blankets! It is so soft, cuddly, and beautiful.” —A&EPrice:$23.91+ (originally $49.89+; available in four sizes/styes and seven colors)
Up to 41% off a Baroque mirror that looks like something you’d find at a Parisian antique fair
Promising review: “This mirror is beautiful! I have already gotten many compliments on it. It looks great on my dresser!” —PatriciaPrice:$149.99+ (originally $252.99+; available in three sizes)
33% off metallic-gold leopard-print peel-and-stick wallpaper
Promising review: “I love, love, love this!! SO easy to work with and gorgeous quality. I just adore this product and can’t say enough about it.” —Stephanie’s StuffPrice:$24.97 (originally $36.99)
26% off a ceramic essential oil diffuser
Promising review: “I like everything about this diffuser. It is pretty to look at, has a ceramic top, works well (I can actually see the vapor across the room), and you can smell the oil even in a large room. I am happy I found this diffuser.” —Jenny R.

$29.59 (originally $39.99 (available in five colors)
32% off an Echo Show 15 smart display
For easily displaying and organizing ~ all the things ~ you need to know on a daily basis. Using Alexa-powered widgets, keep your household on track with shared calendars, personal sticky notes, to-do lists, shopping lists, and assigned reminders. It also syncs with all the entertaining apps, so you can stream your favorite shows, podcasts, music, and more.

Promising review

: “I was hesitant to get this one originally, I was not sure if it would be over-kill or too big. I am soooo glad I took the plunge and bought it. I work from home and sometimes I just need a little background noise. It was super easy to set up and re-linked everything from my original Echo. It was easy to link Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube Premium. Your Amazon Prime account is automatically linked. In the mornings I ask Alexa to start my day and she tells me the current weather, some history tidbit, the news, current traffic and weather forecast for the day. When playing Amazon Music you get an option to see the lyrics, which is great when your other half sings the words wrong, lol. I chose to purchase the wall bracket from a small business owner due to the flexibility it provided. I can move the Echo out away from the wall, turn it while cooking to see recipes, view it while working at my desk or just tuck it back tight to the wall when I want it out of the way. This bracket also allows full tilt options as well as changing from horizontal to vertical. I have full use of my Echo Show 15 and again so pleased that I purchased it. So far no glitches, fingers crossed.” —S. M. Paulson

Price: $169.99 (originally $249.99)

22% off a set of three terracotta pots that have drainage holes and saucers
Promising review: “I love these so much. The depth is perfect for my plants! I never write reviews but had to with these pots because they are stunning and inexpensive.” —Dominique FriendPrice:$28.99 (originally $36.99)
Up to 44% off of a roll of smart LED strip lights
For taking your room’s ambiance to the next level. The strips can be applied anywhere, from walls and ceiling to behind televisions and furniture. Everything’s controlled from an app, and you can choose from a variety of lighting effects and even have it automatically sync with your music.

Promising review

: “My fiancé and I love this product! We hung these lights up in his game room and they covered every bit of space that we needed them to. They were easy to put up and work wonderfully. My fiancé loves to explore the app and all of the different setting options with these lights. We simply can’t get enough. Every time we go in there, we could have a different light setting. These light up the entire room so we don’t even need to use the over head lighting. I would 100% recommend these to anyone looking for good quality LED light strips with 100s of light settings!” —JordynPrice: $13.99+ (originally $25+)

Up to 42% off, plus an extra $15-$20 off, a linear pendant light
Promising review: “It’s gorgeous!! This looks like a million $ over our walnut table. Seriously, pictures don’t do justice. Buy it!” —T.W.

Price:$143.19+ (originally $178.99+; available in three sizes and two colors)
38% off a SodaStream sparkling water bundle
The bundle comes with the SodaStream Art device, two 60L Co2 cylinders, an additional two-pack of dishwasher-safe bottles, and two 40ml Bubly drops flavors: cherry and lime.

Promising review: “I love this thing. Looks cool and retro! Co2 lasts a while. It’s so fun to think of whatever flavors you could or want to try. Does not need electricity! The best sparkles and it’s a fun process. ✨” —Kelley Chaplain“It’s a SodaStream with a cool retro look. I like that it looks good enough to leave it out on your counter without looking like clutter. The bundle is a great deal, comes with three bottles and 2 Co2 canisters. Do not add flavoring before carbonating, it will overflow. The cherry flavor tastes like cough syrup, not a fan. Lime is fantastic but I prefer the squirt water enhancers instead of pouring from the tiny bottles they give you. Overall a good buy!” —Ashley A

Price:$124.99 (originally $199.99; available in four colors)

78% off a drool-worthy animal print rug to give any room a wild touch
Promising review: “This rug is SO FUN. It’s CHIC and not at all silly looking. Perfect element of sass.” —Natalia Taylor

Price:$87.73+ (originally $399+; available in four styles)
36% off a cloud mirror
Promising review: “LOVE!!! It arrived safely and in one piece without cracks. It took seconds to put together and isn’t wobbly at all. I would recommend it! It’s so so cute!” —Aubrey Sklar

Price:$8.76 (originally $13.59)
28% off, plus an extra 5% off, a gorgeous Moroccan-style amber glass lantern
To create the looks above, get a handful of flameless tea candles.

Promising review: “Simply the most gorgeous Moroccan lantern you can purchase on Amazon. If you’re looking for a lighting fixture that brings out the glow of amber ambiance, this would be the perfect purchase. With a simple tea light or a 6-inch battery-operated candle, it provides enough lightning that can only be described as spiritually enchanting. The dark amber color has a mystique aura that adds a subtle warmth in any room of the house. It’s well-constructed and made of metal and thick solid glass, including a door opener for your flameless light source.” —Izzy

Price:$17.99 (originally $24.99; available in 14 colors and in packs)

Up to 50% off a set of six food art prints that’ll completely revamp a room
Each print is 8x10in. If you’d like frames that match the image above then these frames are a great option!

Promising review: “I love these! They are so colorful and the image is really clear. They came safely packaged and I also got free stickers. I would definitely recommend! 🫶🏼” —Vanessa González

Price:$6.49+ (originally $9.99+; available in nine styles)

23% off a handcrafted watch stand made with a marble base and Italian leather
Promising review: “This item feels like it is actually worth the price. It is solidly constructed and the materials appear to be genuine, as described. Feels like it could hold up to years of use, if used as intended. My 36mm watch sits securely on top of the pad with generous space for another watch.” —LF

Price:$65 (originally $84.95; available in five colors)
44% off a sleek LED alarm clock designed with a mirror face
Night owls for LIFE! BTW, this has two USB outlets, which means you can use it to charge your phone (and AirPods) while you sleep.Promising review: “This is what I have been looking for. I had seen this clock on TikTok many times and decided to bite the bullet. Set up was easy and to get it to my perfect setting took me about two to three days of readjusting. I started with the automatic dim and changed it to have the display bright from 7 a.m. to midnight. When I wake up in the middle of the night, it’s dimmed so it doesn’t hurt my eyes. Instructions were a little tough, but I managed. Definitely recommend this clock to everybody.” —Joshy SPrice:$18.36+ (originally $32.98; available in 10 colors)
Up to 20% off a daisy panel curtain to add some texture to your rental’s walls
Promising review: “These are fantastic and everything I had hoped they would be. The fabric is like a light canvas. It’s a heavy feeling fabric but it won’t weigh a curtain rod down. They’re beautiful curtains…just buy them!” —Amazon CustomerPrice:$36.79+ (originally $45.99+; available in four sizes and six styles)
Up to 40% off a quilted chenille floor pillow
Plus *how lovely* do they look when stacked like in the review photo above!? Gorgeous!

Promising review: “This comes just as pictured and described. It is comfortable and looks luxurious. It’s great for floor seating.” —AKhan

Price:$27.19+ (originally $44.99+; available in eight colors)

29% off a mossy garland light
Promising review: “Used this as a garland for my fireplace mantle. So beautiful and soft looking year round” —Bonnie

Price:$25.59 (originally $35.99; available in 11 colors)
20% off a full length mirror
Promising review: “I was looking for a large mirror for so long and didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I went with this one and I’m obsessed. It came packaged extremely well. Very protected. The mirror is the perfect fit for my space. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Highly recommend” —Barbara Prehoda

Price:$159.99 (originally $199.99; available in three colors)
29% off a digital smart toaster
With so many settings you’re about to feel more powerful than the “I love bread” Oprah GIF. This toaster has preset options for everything from bagels to waffles to English muffins to POP-TARTS, plus you can indicate if you’re popping them in frozen, fresh, or to reheat. Plus when it’s ~at rest~ it shows a sleek digital or analog clock display.

Promising review:

“Of course, TikTok made me buy it! LOL! But seriously, it looks great in my newly remodeled kitchen and really cooks/toasts/warms up my breads, waffles, and bagels perfectly and evenly! I’ve had some really cheap toasters in my time and have always been disappointed with the uneven toasting because one of the elements within the toaster burnt out, etc. This toaster is super smart and you can clearly see when your food is about to be done. There’s three settings (warm, fresh, frozen) options for toasting so you’re food is always cooked to perfection! The animated circle around on display when cooking lets you know know how far along your food is to being done. An audible sound plays when it’s done so you don’t have to keep watching it. When you’re not using the toaster, the time displays. Where I have it in my kitchen, it’s nice to have the time on that side of the room without having to turn around and look at my oven. The aesthetics are very nice and complimentary since all my appliances are stainless steel. It gives my kitchen this extra zhoosh up the place! I’ve been using it now for several months and have no complaints!” —ADR

Price: $249(originally $349)

Up to 56% off “floating” kitchen knives
Each set comes with 13 professional chef knives, kitchen scissors, a peeler, a two-stage stage knife sharpener, and an acrylic knife stand.

Promising review: “I love these knives! I saw them on a TikTok and decided I had to have a set of black knives and they exceeded my expectations for sure. Super durable, and very sharp. And they aren’t an eye sore in the kitchen.” —Emily S.

Price: $39.99 (originally $68.99; also available in a 7-piece set and two colors)

33% off a teak bath caddy
Promising review: “Well made, pretty tray that fits all the way across my tub. Has a support for book or IPad which is great.” —Jolene Saiz

$43.97 (originally $65.99)
29% off a Tushy bidet attachment designed with ease in mind
Promising review: “As a resident of the U S of A, bidets are a foreign concept to most that I installed in literally 10 minutes. Ever since the install I have stopped drinking coffee in the morning, I wake up sit on the Tushy and fire away — what a way to start the day. As for doing number 2, I laugh at all you TP users, the Tushy is amazing and I can’t poop anywhere that doesn’t have one. I have been a Squatty Potty user for many years and now coupled with a Tushy, my bathroom experience is off the charts. So for any of you skeptics out there buy this and thank me later.” —Brian PiccoliPrice: $49 (originally $69)
Chelsea Stuart / BuzzFeed
28% off an elegant switch plate cover for sprucing up your space
Promising review: “These are absolutely beautiful! If I ever move, I’m taking them with me. You may think they’re a little pricey, but they’re REALLY heavy and far nicer than the stuff you find at the local hardware store. I bought the switch plate, outlet plates, and even a blank plate to cover an old electrical box left behind by DIRECTV.” —Karebow

Price:$14.48+ (originally $20+; available in available in seven finishes)
40% off a cozy pillow cover with an autumnal scene
Don’t forget to grab some pillow insertswhile you’re at it!

Promising review: “These are lovely and well-made pillowcases. They go well with my cottage style decor. They shrunk a little when washed, but I actually didn’t mind it. They were a little too big for my 18×18 down pillows before I washed and dried them. After washing, they stayed soft and beautiful!” —KS

Price:$14.39+ (available in two sizes and several styles)

Up to 30% off a bust statuette with a modern element
Promising review: “Beautiful and delicate!! I love it!” —R’Marie

Price:$15.43+ (originally $21.99+; available in five styles)
30% off blackout curtains that’ll make sleeping in SO much easier
Promising reviews: “Lovely shade of light gray blends well with surroundings. Nice-quality fabric that falls gracefully. Metal grommets make hanging easy and give a contemporary look.” —Angela G. “This thing is HEAVY! When they say blackout, they really mean it. I have a long bank of floor-to-ceiling windows across one wall and my living room is constantly cold/hot depending on the season. These ultra-heavyweight curtains are a great solution for saving a few $$$ on your electric/gas bill. The material feels nice and the gray color was deep, pretty, and exactly as pictured. Note: No matter how you end up using this, make sure that you have plenty of support or this is going to pull off of the wall. It is significantly heavier than the curtain panels and sheers that I had hanging previously.” —CaseyPrice:$27.99+ (originally $39.99+; select sizes and colors on sale)
20% off hand carved hanging fish (four altogether) sure to delight fisherfolk at heart
Promising review: “We use these as lake decor. They are super cute fish that added the perfect touch to our decorative oars.” —Kelli B.

Price:$15.91 (originally $19.89)
20% off an unreasonably lovely cat tree for pet parents
Promising review: “This was very easy to assemble. I’m in a small apartment and needed a small cat tree. This has nice supports to support my three heavier boys. The look is very beautiful and I love that the very soft pads are removable so I can wash them.” —Lynette From IowaPrice:$100.79 (originally $125.99)
And 20% off a cat scratcher you can easily tuck away
Promising review: “I love this design, it can be used as a cat scratcher or a mini serving table. My cats love to stay on the lower level while I enjoy using the top level as a house decoration to put my plants and pumpkins. Overall, nice looking cat scratcher and serving table.” —Gordon

Price:$51.19 (originally $63.99)
20% off an extra-large blanket so big, you may actually get lost in it
It’s made from a temperature-regulating blend of polyester and spandex, making it softer than sherpa and fleece blankets while keeping you cozy yet cool! Big Blanket Co. is a small business specializing in selling the world’s largest blankets for the ultimate cozy setup in your home.

Promising review: “I instantly fell in love with this blanket. I was hesitant to purchase at first with the price but I’m so glad I did. It’s super soft, has just enough weight to it that it makes it soothing, and is surprisingly cool to sleep with. It doesn’t get really hot like some of my other blankets do. The huge size is also a bonus, as I love hogging blankets all to myself.” —Lindsey B.

Price:$127.20 (originally $159; select colors on sale)

Up to 29% off a hand tufted rug
Promising review: “I’m in love with this rug. The pile is nice and thick and it feels comfortable underfoot. It is so beautiful. At least as lovely as it is in the photos, if not more so. It seems to be well made. The colors are nice and bright and rich, while also balanced. I’m glad I spent a bit more for this rug.” —A.P.

Price:$66.50+ (originally $87.42+; available in two sizes)
Up to 36% off an abstract vase that’s gonna look soo good, even sans plants
Promising review: “This unique shaped vase is exactly what I was looking for, it’s elegant and simple. I got the beautiful summer yellow. Perfect size for my coffee table. I put water beans into the vase so it was stabilized.” —Paula

Price:$12.79+ (originally $19.99+; available in three shapes and colors)
20% off a pair of sherpa pillow covers
Don’t forget to grab pillow inserts!

Promising review: “I was looking for something like this for a while, there were similar products on other sites but they doubled in price. I am so happy with these cases. High quality fabric, the material is not flimsy and it is very soft. Also the aesthetics add a touch of modern. I love them so much!” —Kat Velveteen

$21.59 (originally $26.99; available in three sizes and nine colors)

18% off a bamboo lantern with a woven pattern that’s sure to add a warm touch
Promising review: “These are beautiful. They work perfectly in my space (pictured above).” —Amanda

Price:$32.79 (originally $39.99; available in two styles)

Up to 41% off a surprisingly sexy ceiling fan
Promising review: “I am very happy with the fan. It is quiet, which is a very good feature. The lights are bright enough to light up a big primary bedroom. The best part is the air circulation at various speeds. Overall a very good product.” —Maitry

$175.98+ (originally $299.97+; available in five colors)
30% off a decorative wood chain
Promising review: “This looks much larger than picture in real life, but in a good way. You will not regret this purchase. It’s beautiful decor at a great value.” —NF

$27.99 (originally $39.99)
Up to 43% off a crystal chandelier for gaudy goths
Promising review: “I love the look it gives my bedroom (pictured above, right). It’s soooo beautiful!” —Pamela

Price:$163.99+ (originally $289.99+; available in three sizes)
54% off a self-adhesive paper towel roll holder
Promising review: “TikTok made me do it, but I love it. The stainless steel blends so nicely with the rest of my kitchen, the install was as a simple peel-and-stick with small mounting screws and matching caps so you don’t see the mounting screws, and it holds a seamless look.” —Michaelle K. Price: $8.79+ (originally $18.99; available in five finishes)
$50 off an Audio Technica automatic turntable
Promising review: “Finally broke down to buy a turntable so as to play the wife’s old set of records. My existing stereo (a mix of 20 sumpthin year old Denon amp and JBL Studio Series speakers in a 5.1 system) has always been the bomb but has never employed anything but digital sources. And now this great value of a fully automatic turntable shows up and BOOM — wow!! All the warmth of an analog recording comes through like a summer day. So about the TT – setup was quite easy even for a TT newbie like myself; speed is spot on for my discerning ear; love the look and the novelty; the fully automated play is great. An absolute recommend!! Next stop – date night at the used record store.” —Amazon CustomerPrice:$199 (originally $249)
43% off a pet mop and vacuum robot so you can have your own lil’ personal butler
Promising review:I have never loved a product so much or known how much I was missing before this product. It periodically cleans/vacuums my apartment and keeps it crumb free while getting all of those hard-to-reach areas like under the couch and bed etc. It goes from carpet to laminate to wood with ease. The mop filter is great and pads are easy to clean. It can detect carpet when in mop mode so no worries there. Great product that has saved me a ton of time cleaning.” —TylerPrice:$229.99 (originally $399.99)
20% off a cheesecloth table runner
Promising review: “This is super pretty and good quality. I used it for a baby shower but will reuse it when decorating for other things! Highly recommend.” —Cait

$11.12 (originally $13.90; available in 11 colors)
23% off mushroom disco balls
Promising review: “These are super cute and a lot of fun for a house party!” —Amazon Customer

Price:$17.59+ (originally $22.99+; available in two sizes)
35% off an iridescent mini shelf with six different levels
Promising review: “These are in great shape and perfect as sunglasses shelves. I used a level, and they were easy to install. I highly recommend these and will probably buy more!” —Samantha G.

Price:$27.99 (originally $42.88)
55% off a rolling bar cart to get your living room setup on a roll in an instant
Promising review:I love it! It’s easy to assembly and super durable. Serves as a great bar cart. Easy to roll and move if need. The screws chipped a little when I tightened them but the instructions clearly state not to over tighten so that was my fault. Quick shipping and arrived packaged very well.” —lr0405Price:$114.17+ (originally $255.99+; available in five colors)
And 30% off a gold balloon animal sculpture that’ll look doggone delightful in your home
Promising review: “This looks like a replica of a huge Jeff Koons work, ‘Balloon Dog.’ I love that it’s golden, because it fits in with my decor! So cute, and I get to show off my knowledge of contemporary artists! It’s a must buy!” —M. Kirkland

$11.17 (originally $15.99)

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